• «ISIDA Sport» - a control system for sports organizations.

    • Administrative activity
    • Optimization of the training process
    • Accumulation and transfer of knowledge, documents flow
    • Control of all areas of the organization
      • Control of the coaches and athletes activity
      • Monitoring the health of athletes
      • Accounting resources and their consumption in the organization
    • Planning of the training, events and competitions
    • Analysis of training and competition results
    • Mobile access and more
  • «ISIDA Sport» - a control system for sports organizations.

    • Administrative activity
    • Optimization of the training process
    • Accumulation and transfer of knowledge, documents flow
    • Control of all areas of the organization
      • Control of the coaches and athletes activity
      • Monitoring the health of athletes
      • Accounting resources and their consumption in the organization
    • Planning of the training, events and competitions
    • Analysis of training and competition results
    • Mobile access and more
The main objectives of the system are the increase of the effectiveness of the work and the reduction of the costs for administration of sports federations, organizations, clubs. This is achieved by the optimization of the training process, by centralizing control and information, harmonization of documents, personalization of task management, monitoring the organization's resources in all phases of activity, providing mobile access "right on the field" and providing an analytical complex.
«ISIDA Sport» has received an approval from the Russian Ministry of Sport №ПК-01-13/1970 from 05.04.2013 (download).
Federation of sport gymnastics Russia Russian sport federation of athletics Russian sport federation of swimming Ministry for sport of the Russian Federation
The Training cycle
The functionality of the system covers a full cycle of the training process (studying, correction, planning, studying). That allows you to plan and operate the training process.
Working in advance
Usage of the advanced methods of analysis of the results of trainings yielded for forecasting and effect from the set training process
Aiming at the result
Isida is directed on studying, control, planning and forecasting the results of activity (beginning from plans of trainings, finishing rehabilitation plans). The system allows you to carry out statement of tasks and control of their execution.
Organization resource management
The system allows to exercise effective control of objects and organization stock - to plan use and to supervise a condition.
The system is constructed as a social network and have possesses technologies which cover a set of groups of users. Access to system can be got from any computer with connection to the Internet.
The developed applications for popular mobile platforms allow to have continuous connection with system. Appendices for mobile and tablet applications are submitted.
Differentiation of access to groups of users
Multilevel system of users (from the athlete and the doctor to the head coach and the manager of federation).
Multilevel social system
Access can be provided to any sports and near to the sports organizations, beginning from sections and schools before sports of high achievements (national team).

The ISIDA system is divided on two basic units: main functionality, and analytical component. The program complex of ISIDA system allows to adapt easily system for any kind of sports and level of the sports organization.

Systems of the centralized management and administration are widely applied in the sports organizations in other countries and allow to use resources and time of participants more effectively.

"ISIDA" has a modular structure, descriptions of the main modules of the system are shown below.

The main functional of the system
iconElectronic profiles

Electronic profiles of athletes and other members of the organization (trainers, doctors, administrators). Contains a full set of necessary data for further analytics and obtaining necessary information on any user most quickly.

iconKnowledge base

The knowledge base on any subject necessary for the increase of the level of skill of users of system. Contains text, photo, video and audio materials broken into sections. The built-in system of search will allow to find the necessary information quickly.

iconSystem of messages and comments

The system of messages and comments gives the chance of active discussion of training process and activity.

iconTrainings and reporting journals

The automated maintaining of trainings and the reporting journals about the work done.

iconLong-term plans of trainings

Creation of the long-term plan of trainings with ensuring access to this plan of necessary users of system. As well as it is possible to edit, make comments on usual plans, long-term plans, and also to add and delete users from the plan.

iconViewing of results

Viewing of results of competitions and trainings. Drawing up standings and maintaining a rating of athletes on the basis of external competitions and results.

iconSystem of events, plans and tasks

The system of events, plans and tasks allows to create plans of competitions, collecting and any sporting, improving and administrative events. There is a possibility of the operational notification of all necessary participants, binding of plans, attachments of plans to tasks and some other opportunities allowing correctly to set the task, and to set the necessary scheme of the reporting. Organization of cycles of collecting, trainings and daily activity of athletes.

iconIndividual training schedules

Drawing up individual training schedules of athletes.

iconMedical cards

Maintaining and viewing of a medical card, recommendation of the doctor and forecasting of possible results of a physical condition of the athlete.

iconSafety system

Providing multilevel system of protection and confidentiality. This function is provided by use of powerful system of jurisdictions and access control.

iconDocument flow

Document flow between the organization members. All archive of transferred documents is stored in system.

iconMobile access

Constant possibility of access to system by means of the Internet and mobile access by means of appendices for popular mobile platforms (Apple iOS and Android).

iconConducting economic activity

Conducting economic activity of the organization. The complete list and possibility of the accounting of the objects being under control of federation. Establishment of schedules of use of objects by groups and users respectively. Assignment of concrete subjects to users and systems and possibility of expeditious tracking of location.


Possibility of use of functionality of system directly in sports and training process – "directly in the field".

Analytical component of system
iconAnalytics of a medical condition of the athlete

This analytical module allows to conduct research of a medical condition of the athlete about the possible latent traumas, prediction of high congestion or other factors which depend on medical history of the athlete. This module allows to avoid excess traumas and to provide surgery at risk of their emergence.

iconAnalytics of level of game of the athlete

This module of system provides support in tracking of level of game of the athlete and a prediction of possible future results on the basis of current state.

iconAnalytics of a physical form

The analytics of a physical form of the athlete and optimality of training process – allows to define efficiency of trainings and level of a physical form of the athlete.

iconAnalytics of overall performance of the trainer

The module allows to define efficiency and productivity of the training process put by the trainer.

iconAnalytics of optimal use of resources

The analytics of the optimal use of resources of the organization – this module allows to define, various resources of federation and how effectively they are used.

Screenshots of the iPad app
Victor Nikolaev
Project manager

Vladimir Palevich
Technical director

Karen Grigorian
Head of mobile applications development

«ISIDA» Sport
1) All the utilities required for the task managemant of the sporting organization are centralized in one place.

2) All the information is gathered on one resource and everyone hass access to it.

3) Task management and control.

4) Reporting system.

5) The complete administration of the process using one centralized system.
The planning systems are unified and located on one resource. This helps to control the training process more effectively. The users have access to all the forms.
The task management ystem is personolized. The tasks are set to particular users and there is a possibility to track and control all the phases of the task. The user finds out about the task operatively thanks to modern mobile technology.
Resource control
The system helps control the distribution and the optimal usage of resources from one centralized base.
The analytical mechanism takes into account factors from the past or events connected to the participant for the prediction of the future activity and control of effectivness
The access to the centralized system is mobile. This allows to receive infromation operatively and to contact the required users. The apps for the telephone and the tablet allow to gather the information even without the access to a computer
Current counterparts
All the systems of notification and control are completely decentralized. Different pieces of information are located on different websites, often only in written form at the disposale of only a very small number of people. Currently organizations use o:

  • 1) Different websites
  • 2) Paper carriers
  • 3) No systems of reporting and control
  • 4) The information is not distributed between a lot of people

Decentralization results in low effectivness of events because of the lack of some of the participants because the didn't know.
Currently organization use an arbitrary manner for documentation, which often leads to misunderstanding and of different participants. Most users dont even have access to the documents as they are located locally on PC's.
The task management system is abstract and undirected. Often the tasks are set only on paper and do not allow to convey the main ideas to the direct participants because the never knew about those tasks in general.
Lack of resource control
There is no direct control for the resources of the organization. A lot of expensive equipment is used uneffecctively and even lost beccause of the lack of a normal resource management system. Also some participants of the organization do not even know of the availability of the equipment.
Lack of analytics
Lack of analytical mechanism in general. All the analytics are done by people. The coach often cannot make a descision because of the lack of knowledge regarding the previous training and medical experience of the sportsman.
Lack of mobility
There is no fast and direct access to the current systems nor with the goal of administration, nor with the goal of gathering information. The systems are not mobile.
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